Casino RTP Explained

RTP stands for Return to Player and the term may be common for the people who have an experience of playing online casino games, especially slots. For those who don’t have much of an idea about what RTP is, the following article will take you through a detailed journey in this regard.


In simple words, RTP means the amount of money that is to be paid back to the players during the online gaming sessions. Different slot games have different RTP percentages and they are always attractive for the players. They try their luck on different spin wheel with a chance of winning bigger RTP percentages.

To understand it a little better, if an online slot is offering 75% cash back to the players, they will get 75$ for every 100$ that you in deposit for the game. It will give you an idea about how much expected money are you going to lose during the game.

A Little RTP Complexity

The game providers need to decide about the RTP percentage depending on the gaming features and the complexity attached with it. The slot will automatically calculate the total amount going into it and it will pay you back the exact amount as per the decided RTP values.

Are RTP & Variance similar things?

These are quite similar in a number of ways but are also different in some other ways. These two aspects are closely related to each other but they are not the same. A slot can have a low variance or a high variance. A low variance slot will bring lower hits for you while a game with bigger variance value will bring you bigger hits. The RTP percentages for high variance games comes in the form of bonuses and other rewards mainly.

RTP for Land-Based & Online Casinos

The casino trends are now changing and the people are getting inclined mainly towards the online casinos. It is mainly due to greater convenience, greater choice of games and more chances of winning. It is noted that RTP for online casinos is also reasonable bigger than RTP for land-based casinos. The land-based casinos mainly offer RTP percentages lying between 70-90. On the other hand, any online casino whit its RTP under 94 is generally considered below par and the players are not attracted towards such options. They prefer going with better cash back features and an extensive range of casinos is available all over the internet with much bigger RTP values.

Some Myths & Truths

It is a myth that online casino platforms can manipulate RTP percentages for different slots. It is not true at all. These casinos don’t own any game, they just rent these slots for the players and have no say on the RTP values.

Progressive jackpots, on the other hand, can influence the RTP values to a certain extent. Even if you win a game with a specific RTP percentage, you may get to be paid lower as compared to the advertised value.