What is Jackpot and how it works

To make casino games much more exciting and interesting, the developers have introduced “Jackpots”. Different slot games tend to offer these bonuses that help attract more number of players to engage in the games. It is the desire of every person to get rich overnight. Who would not be interested to earn millions simply by spinning the wheel and spend some pennies?

About Jackpots

They are rather stated to be large cash prizes offered to winning players. But to derive this reward, the player is to pass bonus rounds or match the correct symbols. People, both regular and amateurs have taken to online jackpots as it offers them the convenience to play from their homes.


There exist two types, namely:

  • Flat Jackpots: They are considered to be fixed jackpots as they stay same. Their amount does not decrease or increase. The player has a chance to win as set jackpot that comes fixed with the slot.
  • Progressive Jackpot: Its value increases until someone wins it. This reward is quite similar to that of the lottery. There  are again three variant types:
    • Wide Progressive: It is the commonly used one and grows with increasing number of players spread across the globe. This jackpot is generally not offered in online, but in offline slots.
    • Standalone Progressive: It keeps on growing until the player plays continuously that particular slot. This is irrespective of other players participating in the game.
    • Proprietary Progressive: For example, it includes all video slots adding to same jackpot. The amount keeps on increasing until some player emerges the winner.

Jackpot Amount

  • Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot meter is visible on the screen that you can check while placing your bets.
  • Flat Jackpot: While playing the slot game, you get to know the exact amount to win. This is because flat jackpot’s value gets displayed on your screen.

The jackpot amount displayed on the screen helps motivate player to put in their best shots and earn big. If you are looking for a gambling platform with a nice Jackpot prize pool try Winner Club casino. It’s strongly recommended for rookies.

Jackpot winning eligibility

Players, in majority of the slot games are required to place maximum bet. This is well within the betting range offered by each slot. Maximum betting is desired per round to emerge a jackpot winner. Both offline and online slot versions come with a button labeled ‘Max Bet’. This is to ensure quick gameplay. It also enables your wining chances for other cash prizes as you get to bet across diverse paylines in several rooms. Thus, you can develop winning combinations. You can get access to a single payline by indulging in minimum bets. This again reduces your jackpot winning chances.

Unfortunately, for sure jackpots wins, there does not exist any strategy. Rather, there are generated random winners. Random Number Generator (RNG) programming is what exactly provides the results. You can increase your winning chances by placing maximum bets. Moreover, you are to have a better understanding of the rules of the game to play correctly as well as to derive bonus rounds.