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Basic SMTP Client in .NET

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A very basic SMTP client developed in C# (.NET 4.6). It uses System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient class.

It allows users to test the SMTP settings by sending out test email and verify if the SMTP is properly configured.

Download and use the FREE executable file.

How to use?

Although self explanatory, the components of screen are explained for the sake of completeness below-

  1. This shall contain the sender’s email id
  2. This must contain the receiver’s email id.
  3. Subject of the email
  4. Body of the email
  5. This is address of your SMTP Host server
  6. SMTP port
  7. This shall be the email id. Same as 1
  8. Password for the email id associated with email in point 7
  9. Tick it of the SMTP server supports SSL
  10. This the results area. It displays the result of operation.

NOTE: The client does not validate the format of email addresses entered.

Just fill in all the fields and click “Send Test Email” and it would display you the results.

Testing with Google SMTP Server

In some cases or on some staging servers where SMTP is not configured, developers normally use Google’s free SMTP server for testing. You can click the “Load GMAIL Test Credentials” and it would load the texts with Google SMTP Settings. You would need to provide your gmail id and password where indicated.

You must however authorize your Gmail account so that it can send emails via SMTP.

Download Now

Download the FREE client. Its only a single executable file.
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